I don't have ADHD, can you coach me?

Many people think that because I'm an ADHD Coach I only coach those with ADHD. In fact I am technically a Life Coach first and an ADHD Coach second. 

That's because on the road to specializing in those with ADHD I had to obtain training on the ethics and competencies of Life Coaching. Concurrent with that training I received extra training that qualifies me to work with those with ADHD. 

In fact, we all have "Executive Function", it's just that those with ADHD tend to have more difficulty with their than their neurotypical counterparts. 

A shorter way of answering is yes, I can coach you. 

If you're interested in becoming a client, please book an Introductory Call where I will answer other questions you may have and discuss coaching further. 

Coaching Q&AKeith Griffin