Volunteer Work

Helping and giving back to the ADHD community that has both helped me and supported my business is of tremendous importance to me. I am happy to serve in many capacities.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Treasurer and Board Member

As a board member I help ADDA in a variety of ways. Officially my title is Treasurer meaning I help other board members raise and spend money, and ensure ADDA remains financially stable. I also spend time in an IT role, working on enhancements to the website, researching new technologies that may assist our ADHD community and continuously searching for cost savings (we are a non-profit after-all). 

My role also allows me to help shape the future of ADDA, suggest new programs that will benefit our members and help my fellow board members with their individual projects. 

Co-Leader of the LGBTQ+/Poly VPSG

ADDA's Virtual Peer Support Program (VPSG) offers ADDA members the opportunity to connect with peers for support in a safe non-judgmental environment. The LGBTQ+/Poly group provides a safe place for people to give and receive support and encouragement from fellow ADHDers that also happen to be LGBTQ+ and/or poly-amorous. 

Ambassador Team

Through the Ambassador Program ADDA offers one-time phone calls to adults with ADHD that may be struggling with various issues in their lives. These calls are not considered coaching but rather a 1:1 form of peer support. Many of the folks I've called tell me I am the first fellow ADHDer they've ever met and oftentimes they are simply seeking some acknowledgement that they are not alone. 

ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)

I am happy to have served on the ACO's Leadership team during their Spring and Fall 2017 terms. As a member of the team I attended all board meetings listening for ways I could help the board meet goals, define new strategies and optimize processes.