ADHD Coaching for Adults


ADHD Coaching can help you design and live the future you dream of while managing the symptoms of ADHD. Whether you know life can be better with just a little bit of help, or suffer from ADHD-related traits such as perfectionism, procrastination, and black and white thinking, coaching can help you to change your life!


Areas of Focus

We'll focus on many things during our time together, including some of the following. While not an exhaustive list of areas we may discuss, it's common for my clients to focus on at least a few of the topics below. 


Relationship / Family Conflicts

Decision Making and Rumination

Mental Hyperactivity

Time Insensitivity

Low Self-Awareness


Physical and/or Romantic Restlessness


Transitions (between tasks, projects, and environments)


Time Management


Structure, Systems and Routine Development

Overcoming PerfectionisM 

Black and White thinking

Workplace Issues


Budgeting and Overspending

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Planning Issues

Housework and Home Maintenance


Niche Areas

In addition to traditional ADHD and Life Coaching topics, I am skilled in coaching the following areas:

LGBT+ Issues

Polyamory and Poly Relationships

Grief for "time lost" due to ADHD

Social Anxiety/Awkwardness

Executive Functioning CHALLENGES



In order to see the benefits of ADHD Coaching, you must be patient and be willing to commit to three months. While you may be hoping for an instant turn-around, it takes time for you to become comfortable with the process and start seeing the benefits our sessions. Putting too much pressure on yourself to rush towards a solution will only hinder the process. 

Monthly Sessions

Each month you receive three, or four minute coaching sessions. The sessions can be held via telephone, video conference, or at your home or chosen location, such as a coffee shop, provided it’s within 5 miles of the 30097 zip code. Sessions are generally between 30 and 45 minutes in length.

Weekly Support

You are encouraged to email, text, or message (Telegram, Snapchat, etc.) to check-in between sessions. In addition you may book 10-15 minute "tune-up” calls (number of check-in calls allotted match your chosen number of sessions). The intent of these tune-ups is to monitor progress and assist you with planning big projects, packed weekends, or scheduling the week ahead.  


Trust in the coaching partnership are of utmost importance. Therefore any communications between you and me are considered confidential. Exceptions are made in cases where you expresses a desire to do harm to yourself or others. You may request I discuss our coaching sessions with your psychiatrist or other mental health professional. 


One of the things that makes Coaching different than therapy or other counseling is the flexibility offered by the coaching process. If the plans outlined above don't feel right for you, I am happy to discuss your circumstances with you and develop a custom plan for you. 

Get Started Today

To begin the process, simply schedule your complimentary consultation call. We will discuss your situation, the coaching process and answer any questions you may have so far. Once we agree the partnership is right, you'll pay for services, sign my coaching forms, and schedule your intake session.