ADHD Coaching:
Teens and College Students

ADHD Coaching and education for teens and their families helps teens and young adults reach their potential in school, their social life, succeed as they enter the workforce and even helps them around the house.

NOTE: If you are a young adult, ready to pay for your own Coaching Program, please see my Adult Coaching page. If you are a parent, or are a college student that will be asking your parent to pay for your program, please continue reading.


The Client

While a parent may be paying for the coaching program, the teen or young adult is considered the client at all times. As such the Coaching Partnership is established with teen or young adult, not the parent.


In order to see the benefits of ADHD Coaching, one must be patient and be willing to commit to three months. While you may be hoping for an instant turn-around, it takes time for teenagers and young adults to trust the process and start seeing the benefits our sessions. Putting too much pressure on yourself, or your child, to rush towards a solution will only hinder the process. 

Introductory Calls

The process starts with an introductory call. Typically a parent will schedule a time to speak with me to discuss their teen’s situation, learn more about coaching, and determine whether the teen and I may be a good fit for a Coaching Partnership. After that call, we will schedule a time for the client and I to speak and get to know each other. In some instances a college student may book the first call, and the second call will be booked with the parent. In either case, we schedule an intake session, provided everyone is “on board”.

Intake Session

The intake is between 90 minutes and 2 hours long, depending on the involvement of the parent. The session can be held at your house in the metro Atlanta area*, or via video conference if you are outside the area. 

During the intake session we spend time discussing strengths and challenges, home-life, hopes for the coaching process, and the process itself. We then move on to discuss specific goals for the initial three month period, begin to design actions in support of those goals and tease out rewards available for progress on the actions. When parents are involved, the intake session includes and extra 30 minutes of time to discuss these topics from their perspective.

Weekly Sessions

Each month the client receives one coaching session weekly. The sessions can be held via telephone, video conference, or at your home or chosen location, such as a coffee shop, in the metro Atlanta area (a trip charge will apply). Sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes each, but can last up to 45 minutes if necessary.

Weekly Support

Between sessions, clients are encouraged to email, text (Telegram, Snapchat, SMS, etc.) as a means of checking in. Check-ins help me to monitor progress and assist my clients with tackling big projects, packed weekends, or scheduling the week ahead.  

In addition, all of my coaching packages include an allotment of 10-15 minute “tune-up” calls. The intent of these calls is to assist with questions and urgent issues that may arise between scheduled sessions.

Progress Reporting

For those clients who are under the age of 18, one 30 minute “progress” call is available to their parents each month. Progress calls are intended to provide an update of the teen’s participation in the Coaching Partnership and for the parents to bring up areas or topics about which they wish to alert me. We will not discuss the content of the teen’s coaching calls nor will future coaching sessions necessarily be governed by what comes up during these calls. In circumstances where a parent is paying for a client over the age of 18, progress calls are available as an addition to their package.

In all cases, teens and young adults are encouraged to be open and honest with their parents about how coaching is progressing and to discuss topics that haven been discussed during coaching calls.


You may choose to pay for the 3 month program in one payment or two. The initial intake is billed with the first (or only) payment.

Pricing varies depending on the client’s age and life situation. Those in college are billed $49 more than my standard adult rates as they require a greater number of check-ins and tune-ups. Teen packages are billed at my College Student rate plus $49 per month due the addition of the monthly “progress reporting” call available to the parent(s).

Missed Weeks

No credit is given for weeks missed, nor is there an additional charge for 5 week months. In some cases, we may choose to carry over a session as an “extra” to make up for multiple missed weeks (e.g. to accommodate a long vacation). I use this approach to simplify billing and provide a consistent charge.

Months 4 and Beyond

After our initial 3 months, the program will be extended and billed at a long-term client discounted rate. You may choose to discontinue the program after our first 3 months together.

*Mileage Charge

The trip to your home, or a designated meeting spot for the intake session is included in the pricing, provided the location is within 10 miles of zip code 30097. If your location is between 11 and 25 miles away, you will be billed a trip charge of $25 for the intake session.

If you wish to have in-person sessions, you will be charged a trip charge for each in-person session. The charge is based on your distance from zip code 30097, starting at $25 per trip.


Trust in the coaching partnership are of utmost importance. Therefore any communications between the client and me are considered confidential. Exceptions are made in cases where a client expresses a desire to do harm to themselves or others. Your teen may request I share something with you after a session, and I will do so.

Examples of items that might be shared include upcoming deadlines and goals, strategies for improving home-life, concerns about upcoming plans, and topics which the teen may feel are to difficult to broach with their parent. 

What you tell me about your teen during our time together is not confidential. 


One of the things that makes Coaching different than therapy or other counseling is the flexibility offered by the coaching process. If the plans outlined above don't feel right for your child, I am happy to discuss your circumstances with you and develop a custom plan for your family. 

Get Started Today

To begin the process, simply schedule your complimentary consultation call. We will discuss your or your child's situation, the coaching process and answer any questions you may have. During the call, we will schedule a time for your teen and I to talk and get to know each other, if applicable. 

Once we agree the partnership is right for all involved, you'll pay for services, sign my coaching forms, and schedule the intake session.