When are you available?

I suppose I could have called this "business hours" but there's something very generic and cold about that title. 

My days off are Thursday and Saturday. Thursday is my self-care, "do whatever I want" day and Saturday is my family day.

Other than those days I will generally reply to an email or text within 24 hours and will answer the phone provided I'm not already engaged. All times are listed as Eastern.

  • Sunday:        1:00p-6:00p & 8:00p-9:30p
  • Monday:       12:00p-6:30p & 8:00p-10:30p
  • Tuesday:       12:00p-6:30p & 8:00p-10:30p
  • Wednesday: 12:00a-6:30p & 8:00p-10:30p
  • Friday:          11:30a-3:30p
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