During the month of October 2016, ADDA once again published a series of "TADD Talks". As the name suggests these talks are meant to be similar to TED Talks but with an ADHD-friendly duration. 

On October 17th they published my talk about getting help from others. While similar to episode 6 of This ADHD Life, it's a bit different and I encourage you to listen if you've been struggling to find help for yourself or a loved one. 

It probably goes without saying that I am very proud and honored to have been selected for the TADD Talks. One year ago I was preparing for the annual CHADD Conference with the aim of getting to know some fellow ADHDers as well as to determine whether ADHD Coaching was right for me. Just a year later I've been featured alongside Ned Hallowell, Ari Tuckman and Rick Green!

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