Do coaches have coaches? What's a mentor coach?

Many people have told me "good coaches have coaches". I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but once I found the right coach I became a firm believer that every coach does indeed need their own coach. 

As a coach I do not necessarily have everything figured out. Sometimes I still struggle with the volume of email (mostly newsletters) I receive on a daily basis and there are many times where I'd rather be binge watching something on Netflix than working on marketing material, business finances or even putting out a new episode of This ADHD Life. it may seem odd to you that I'd be so willing to admit my ADHD sometimes gets the better of me but coaching is all about modeling the life our clients wish to have. 

A mentor coach is someone who is trained to assist new and seasoned coaches with a wide range of issues. In addition to helping me process through any personal issues which may arise, he also assists me with developing plans for attaining my ICF credentials, determining the number of clients I'll need to feel I have a "full practice" and even helps me with topics I may feel less than skilled at helping my clients process. Of course confidentiality is maintained at all times but isn't it cool that if I don't have the "answer" I have someone in my corner who may? 

The other great thing about having a coach is it helps me have a clear mind when I'm coaching you. Were I sitting on the other end of the phone thinking "man, I need to get my taxes done, why can't I just start them already?" you'd likely sense my lack of presence. Having a space to work out the things that bog down my mind helps me to be a great coach to you. 


Coaching Q&AKeith Griffin