You may have seen me wearing a "This ADHD Life" t-shirt at the 2016 CHADD Conference in Costa Mesa and wondered how you could get your hands on one. Luckily it's pretty simple! Just head over to my shop at Cafe Press, select the style, color and size you'd like and complete your order. While you're there you may wish to order other TAL items such as a coffee mug, mousepad or even a skin for your laptop. 


Shortly before the launch of This ADHD Life I embarked on the journey to become an ICF certified ADHD Coach.

Most people don't realize a coach must have 75 hours of paid coaching under their belt prior to applying for certification! I'm happy to announce the time has come for me to obtain my first level of certification!

I am currently offering discounted coaching packages as a way to hasten my journey to the next level of certification. If you've ever thought about ADHD Coaching, don't let this opportunity pass you by. 

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The podcast is released every two weeks (or so) and focuses on helping people with ADHD and their loved ones make life a little bit easier. 

Oftentimes I come up with the topic just a day or two before recording so you can be sure that as I'm recording the issue being discussed is one I've been dealing with in my own life. 

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The Future

The Future

Most ADHDers will understand what I mean when I admit to being both keenly aware and tragically unaware of what this site will become but I do have goals. 

🔸 Redesign the website making it look a bit more modern 😉

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How does a coaching partnership start?

It all starts with a call...

The path to a great coaching partnership starts with an introductory call. We will get to know each other, you'll receive free coaching and by the end of the call we'll know how we "click" as client and coach. 


During the month of October 2016, ADDA once again published a series of "TADD Talks". As the name suggests these talks are meant to be similar to TED Talks but with an ADHD-friendly duration. 

On October 17th they published my talk about getting help from others. While similar to episode 6 of This ADHD Life, it's a bit different and I encourage you to listen if you've been struggling to find help for yourself or a loved one. 

It probably goes without saying that I am very proud and honored to have been selected for the TADD Talks. One year ago I was preparing for the annual CHADD Conference with the aim of getting to know some fellow ADHDers as well as to determine whether ADHD Coaching was right for me. Just a year later I've been featured alongside Ned Hallowell, Ari Tuckman and Rick Green!