What is Pay What You Enjoy Pricing?

I'm often asked how a potential client and I come to a Pay What You Enjoy (PWYE) plan for my coaching services. The answer is pretty simple, but many people think it's complex. 

Keep it Simple

In it's simplest form, PWYE pricing could be seen as a negotiation. A potential client and I discuss what they'd enjoy paying. When they desire a discount on their monthly coaching fees, we talk about what they might offer to me in return for the discount. 

Not Just for Discounts

While you might assume PWYE always equates to lower pricing, there are times when someone wishes to fund scholarship clients by paying more than retail rates. 

Focused on You and Your Circumstances

Every potential client that requests PWYE pricing brings with them a different set of circumstances and talents to offer; there's no one-size fits all approach. While there is an amount below which one becomes a scholarship client, there are no set rules. We work together to create what will work for us. 

How to Determine What You'd Enjoy Paying

As I said to a recent client requesting PWYE, "think of this less like haggling and more like determining the amount that would keep both of us invested while also not putting a strain on your finances."

After that conversation, my new client realized he didn't actually desire a discount on their coaching plan. Instead, he realized my 3-month rate fit his budget perfectly. It wouldn't force him to eat Ramen every night of the week, and it was enough of an investment that he'd take the partnership seriously. 

Flexibility is Key

Part of PWYE is to check in with each other every few months to ensure the amount you are paying is still working the both of us. We don’t have to get our plan perfect at the start.

In fact, we will likely change our PWYE plan over time. Got a great promotion and raise? Perhaps you'll move to retail rates or even pay more to help someone who can't afford full-rate coaching. Been laid off? We might agree to a lower rate while you are looking for your next opportunity. 

Not for Everyone

I offer Pay What You Enjoy pricing for those folks who can't afford my regular, full retail, coaching rates. The majority of my clients never seek a PWYE plan, and simply pay regular rates. 

Interested in Coaching?

The start of our Coaching Partnership, PWYE or not, starts with a complimentary introductory call. Book yours today.