Keith asks very  deep questions that guide you in the right direction.

I  came to coach Keith with the main ADHD challenge of disorganization and very poor paperwork handling skills.  Coach Keith guided me to the root of the problem causing the paper clutter and disorganization. He and I then devised a reasonable plan for me to gradually reduce the existing piles of paper, which helped me reduce stress by my surroundings being organized. Then we thought out another plan to handle all incoming mail to prevent future “mountains of paperwork" from developing. The second plan was “ right on target “. I am still using it today, over a year later. Keith asks very deep questions that guide you in the right direction.

He is an outstanding listener, celebrates your wins and is honest and upfront whenever you fall short of your goals, guiding you to examine all of the possible alternatives.
— KAK, SE Michigan

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Coach Keith and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great ADHD coach.

-KAK, SE Michigan