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The Role Flexibility Plays in a Great Life

This got me to thinking about how I've gotten more flexible the more I've learned about myself, and my ADHD. 

Everyone with ADHD lives a life of flexibility, whether they acknowledge it or not. Oftentimes, the flexibility comes in dealing with the every day struggles an ADHD mind can present. Ready to head out to work, but not sure where your keys are? You're now forced to be flexible about your arrival time (or the speed at which you drive). Missed out on the great electronics sale because you were too busy ruminating about whether or not you want/need the item? You've now been flexible enough to let the writers of the sale flyer make the decision for you. 

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What is Hyperfocus?

Hyperfocus describes a tendency of some ADHDers to focus intently on what interests us to the exclusion of other, potentially more important things. Many times we might become so engrossed in doing something, we seem to tune out those around us, and the world as a whole. In some ways, hyperfocus can be seen as the other side of the distractibility coin. 

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Embracing This ADHD Life

For almost two years now, I've struggled with split branding. During that same two years, I was fully aware that splitting myself into multiple "brands" was not only confusing, but a ton of work. I've finally come to the realization that This ADHD Life is MY brand. 

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Pocket Save-for-Later Service

Pocket is a save-for-later service integrated into more than 1500 apps, including the RSS reader I use, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Flipboard, Twitter, and Zite. I use it on my Kindle Tablet when at home, and on my phone while on the go. Many times when I find myself in an "unbearable" line, I'll pull up my Pocket feed and blast through a few articles to keep my sanity in check. 

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