The 2017 Conference on ADHD

More information can be found on  ADDA's Website  and you can buy tickets at  Bizzabo . 

More information can be found on ADDA's Website and you can buy tickets at Bizzabo

I attended my first ADHD Conference in 2015 after having been recently diagnosed with ADHD and not knowing anyone else that had ADHD. 

My diagnosis came after a few years of failed treatment for depression. Out of pure luck, I was referred to an ADHD Specialist where I learned I wasn't depressed but that I had ADHD! While there was a sense of relief knowing at least there was a reason for my struggles, it didn't instantaneously change my day to day life. 

I’d heard about the Conference in New Orleans put on by CHADD from the doctor who diagnosed me. I wasn't sure at first but then she mentioned I could check out whether or not I'd like to become an ADHD Coach I registred. Apparently she knew that mentioning a learning opportunity would hook me instantly. 

She was right.

Attending my first Conference was life changing! I found myself surrounded by fellow adults with ADHD and those that help us. I realized I was not alone, and soaked up more information in four days than I’d learned in the months following my diagnosis. 

That was the first step in my education that led to my becoming one of the professionals that help folks with ADHD. Since that first conference I have met many friends that share their passion for helping the ADHD community. Today I serve on the board of ADDA, one of the organizers of the upcoming conference. 

There’s more to the story, but I’ll save that for another day. Every journey starts with a single step. For you, as it was for me, attending an ADHD Conference might be that step.
- Duane Gordon, President of ADDA

After the conference, I found myself quite emotional as it was the first time in 42 years I had felt truly understood. I now attend the conference to meet up with friends, continue my learning, and to meet and support fellow ADHDers that are attending their first conference. 

I hope you will be able to join me in Atlanta this November. I'll be the guy wearing a shirt with my "This ADHD Logo" on it, so please come say 'hi' if you see me!

More information can be found on ADDA's Website and you can buy tickets at Bizzabo