Texture: Read magazines without the clutter - Plus some of my favorite magazines

The zero clutter way to read magazines

Every so often a service I currently use posts an offer that I'd enjoy sharing. Texture, a service that offers access to 200+ magazines is celebrating their second "birthday" with a free trial promo. 

I love the service because it allows me to browse through magazines as my interests change. Rather than a giant stack of magazines gathering dust and eliciting "you should be reading me" guilt I have a simple app on my tablet that I can dip into and out of as I wish. I used to be one to have 5-6 magazine subscriptions sitting around with the majority of the issues heading to the recycle bin after some months of inactivity.

Usually a "switch" would go off in my brain when the stack reached a certain height and I'd just have to prune the pile no matter how painful the process seemed to be. The lack of commitment with their model is also quite appealing. I have no interest in reading Consumer Reports every month but when I wanted to check out their Washer/Dryer ratings last fall I was quickly able to download the issue with those ratings and check out what they had to say. 

Some of my favorite magazines

  • Consumer Reports - As needed
  • Real Simple - Usually read it when the year is fresh and I feel like geeking out on organizational tools and techniques
  • Weight Watchers - Some times I need extra motivation to stay on plan and this magazine helps give me a motivational boost
  • Entertainment Weekly - Love reading this in the fall as the new TV season starts
  • Prevention - Sometimes I feel like geeking out on the latest health topics
  • Wired - My spouse loves browsing through this on a regular basis
  • HGTV/Dwell/This Old House - When I'm in the mood for a change in decor
  • AllRecipes/Bon Appetit/Cooking Light - Love getting recipe ideas, rarely cook the recipes from the magazines but they help me to think of new dishes to try

To get a free peek at what's available simply visit Texture and claim your trial. While their September 2017 sharing promotion* did prompt the timing of this post and indeed this section of the site it in no way influenced my love of the service or desire to share it with the world. 

As you may be aware I tend to have tons of ideas each and every day. A "my favorite" things section has been planned for many months now, perhaps for over a year. Their email this morning prompted me to create a new category on the blog, write up this post and add a whole bunch of new topics about which I'll write in the near future. 

If you love Texture, can't wait for more of these "favorites" posts or have something else to say, comment below. 

-Coach Keith

*Texture is running a promotion whereby I'll receive a $50 Amazon gift card if two people sign up for a free trial during September 2017 through the link I've posted above. If you're one that hates this sort of affiliate marketing feel free to visit them using a different tab in your browser. The service is great and one I won't be without.