Coaching Plan Terms and Conditions

  • All calls must be scheduled and completed within 40 days of payment.
  • A session may be rescheduled once provided: 
  1. Notice is given 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time
  2. The new date is within one week of the initially scheduled date
  • Failure to attend a session or provide the 24 hour notice as described above may result in a $25 missed appointment charge
  • All services are considered non-refundable
  • Session information is recorded on a coaching log. This log is used as part of the coach certification process and will be submitted to the coaching school and coach certifying bodies. 

The following Information is collected as part of the coaching log: your name, phone number, email address, the start and end dates of your sessions and the total number of session hours completed. Information regarding the content or topics of sessions is NOT part of the log and will not be submitted.


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