What Started as a podcast for "people with ADHD, those who love us and yes, even those who struggle to love us", has expanded to Host my coaching practice, written & video posts, and resources for Anyone "Living This ADHD Life". You'll find details about my Coaching, projects, and volunteer efforts below.

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You can live the life you desire, and coaching can help! I offer Productivity and Executive Function Coaching for all, and specialize in helping those with ADHD. Coaching is a great way to overcome problems of procrastination, hyper focus, perfectionism, self-regulation, time blindness, impulsivity, overwhelm, poor self-esteem, focus, and attention. 

Get out of your brain and into your life!
— Coach Keith Griffin, ACC


Coaching helps adults design and live the life they love. Listed below are just a few of the areas we may explore. 

  • Clutter / Cleanliness
  • Financial management
  • Career change
  • Poor performance at work
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Rumination (poor decision making)

Teens and their families

The only thing that may be harder than being the parent of a teenager with ADHD, is being your child. Most people immediately think about behavior problems, and poor grades when they here the term ADHD. 

The social implications of ADHD on a teenager's life can be devastating. Coaching can help your teen become more socially aware, focus on the things which are important to them, and get better grades.


instant coaching

Sometimes you just need a one-time session to work through a specific issue. Instant Coaching is a great way to get the benefits of coaching as you need it, with no commitment. 

Whether you are trying to make an important decision, plan a move, get unstuck on a particular project, or just need to verbally process a recent situation, coaching can help. Get all the benefits of coaching, without the commitment.  






Those with ADHD can feel very isolated as their feelings and opinions about matters are not "main stream". Each episode I focus on something I've experienced as an adult with ADHD. Along the way, I  share tips & tricks for living a great life. 



Prefer reading? The blog is a great resource for you to discover new ways to manage your ADHD symptoms, learn about new discoveries in ADHD research, and maybe even discover the key to living the life you love. 



Who has time to listen to a 20 minute podcast, or read blog posts these days? Aside from the video version of the podcasts I post, my videos on Youtube are meant to be quick, bite-sized pieces of information about ADHD that anyone can absorb. 

Giving Back


Public Speaking

3 different speeches

1. Life with ADHD can be great! - Teens and Young Adults
2. You probably work with some great ADHD minds - Employees
3. Communicating with your ADHD Teammates - HR/Management

Now accepting bookings - simply pay travel Contact me, for details.




Your Problem, Solved!

Details coming soon.

In the meantime, send me a quick email if you are ready for the options my ADHD brain can derive to solve your problem. 

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