Panicked and Anxious in a Hammock

This week week I begin to explore limiting beliefs. What sort of beliefs do we have that limit our ability to be our best selves and do our best work? Conversely what beliefs do we have that might need limiting? 

You may have noticed some odd wordplay in this episode and might be wondering whether I was sober when I dreamed it up. I mentioned that I had been talking to a friend prior to recording. She asked how I was doing and I replied "Panicked and Anxious" but she heard "Hammocked and Anxious". We had a good chuckle thinking about what that would look like and I decided I had to include a reference to that misunderstanding in the title. Originally I thought "Hammocked and Panicked" would be the title but realized that'd not have made any sense. 


  • During the show I mentioned the folks over at TotallyADD. I love the videos Rick and his team put out and have found them very valuable as I learned about my own ADHD challenges. 
Keith Griffin