Squarespace: How I keep Myself From Website Design Distraction

Wordpress Offers Too Many Options

In a future post you'll learn I've been an iOS user since the iPhone 2. It's not that Android is not appealing with a full feature set, it's that I know my brain would spend too much time exploring. With all the themes, launchers, hacks, and jailbreaks available, I'd likely have less "productive" time with my phone than play time. 

When it came time to select the platform for my websites, I kept the idea of features vs. the distraction of exploring features top of mind. While Wordpress powers over 20% of all websites, it comes with a staggering amount of options, maintenance work and most importantly, exploits. I have the technical knowhow to run a Wordpress site and keep it secure, but for my own site I knew I needed something that was flexible yet limited my options for going down a rabbit hole of choice. 

Squarespace Makes It Easy For Me To Publish

For that reason, I chose Squarespace as my hosting platform. I'd been hearing about the service for at least half a decade and always desired a reason to launch a site on their platform. I love how simple it is for me to quickly add a new section/page to the site. 

Just the other week I got a prompt to finally start a Stuff I Love section of the website. Within 45 minutes, I had my first post created, a new section created, and a page started that aggregates posts in a specific category. Fifteen minutes later, I had quickly created the "bio" page that had been sorely lacking since I started the site in the spring of 2016. 

As often happens with my ADHD, once I sat down to start working on something I fell into a state of hyperfocus and now I sit here writing the post you are now reading. Even as I typed these words, I find a new excitement about publishing content! 

When barriers are reduced, it's amazing what one can accomplish in a short period of time, even with ADHD. I find my brain shuts down and procrastinates the more obstacles and roadblocks encountered on it's way to completing a task. The simplicity afforded through Squarespace helps minimize those obstacles for me and I really appreciate how easy they make it to publish my posts. 

I don't know whether Squarespace is the only ADHD Friendly platform out there, but for me it's the one I've chosen and plan to continue with for quite a while.

Do you find your ADHD brain gets stuck when too many options are present? Please comment below.