The Future

Most ADHDers will understand what I mean when I admit to being both keenly aware and tragically unaware of what this site will become but I do have goals. 

Short-term plans (1st Quarter 2017):

  • Redesign the website making it look a bit more modern πŸ˜‰
  • Continue posting articles about the "ins and outs" of coaching including what to expect and how the coaching partnership can be a very valuable piece of the ADHD management toolkit. 
  • Obtain first level of coaching certification
  • Pull together the four half-finished "about me" pages into a cohesive profile. 
  • Put the structure in place to publish a newsletter

Medium-term goals (mid-2017):

  • Begin writing articles for those who prefer the written word
  • Publish a new podcast to spread awareness about the many ways in which ADHD affects lives. Fill out the share your story form to be part of the new show. 
  • Provide a "behind the scenes" look at This ADHD Life and my coaching practice to Patrons.