ADHD Coaching for Teens

ADHD Coaching and education for teens and their families helps your son or daughter reach their potential in school, their social life and even around the house. In addition to the coaching sessions for your teenager, I will help you better understand ADHD through your own sessions, which in turn can help you relate to your child in their language and support their success. 



In order to see the benefits of ADHD Coaching, you must be patient and be willing to commit to three months. While you may be hoping for an instant turn-around, it takes time teenagers to trust the process and start seeing the benefits our sessions. Putting too much pressure on your child to rush towards a solution will only hinder the process. 

Intake Session

After you've had an introductory call, and I've spoken with you teen to ensure we're a good fit, we will schedule a 90 minute intake session. This session can be held at your house in the metro Atlanta area, or via video conference if you prefer or are outside the area. 

I will spend 30 minutes with you to discuss your child's challenges and homelife, and your hopes for the coaching process. I'll then speak for 30 minutes with your teen to discuss the process and their hopes before all of us discuss hopes and goals during the final half-hour. 

Monthly Sessions

Each month your teen receives two or three 55 minute coaching sessions and you receive two or three 20 minute education and follow-up sessions. The sessions can be held via telephone, video conference, or at your home or chosen location, such as a coffee shop, in the metro Atlanta area. Your session is scheduled right after your child's session. 

Weekly Support

Between sessions you and your teen are encouraged to email, text (Telegram, Snapchat, SMS, etc.), or call me with questions and urgent issues that may arise. Please keep the times of these communications to ten minutes or less. If we wind up talking for more than ten minutes often, we may need to discuss the addition of another paid session. 

In addition you may book 10-15 minute "check in" calls for your teen on the weeks that we don't have a session. The intent of these check-ins is to monitor progress and assist your child with planning big projects, packed weekends, or scheduling the week ahead. 

Continued Coaching

After the first three months of coaching, you may elect to continue coaching for your teen without the additional sessions for you. You will then be billed at my regular adult rates. 


Months 1-3

Intake Session* - $150
Two sessions per month - $350/mo
Three sessions per month - $500/mo

*You are billed for your intake session as part of the first monthly payment. 

Months 4 and Beyond

You may choose to continue coaching for your teenager at my normal adult rates. 

Mile Charge

Trips to your home or a designated meeting spot are included in the pricing, provided the location is within 35 miles of zip code 30097. If your location is greater than 35 miles away, you will be billed a trip charge of $25 per session. Please contact me directly if your location is greater than 60 miles and you wish to have in person sessions for your child. 


Trust in the coaching partnership are of utmost importance. Therefore any communications between your child and me are considered confidential. Exceptions are made in cases where the child expresses a desire to do harm to themselves or others. During each session I ask your teen if there's anything they'd like me to share with you from our session. 

Examples of items that might be shared include upcoming deadlines and goals, strategies for improving homelife, concerns about upcoming plans, and topics which the teen may feel are to difficult to broach with their parent. 

What you tell me about your teen during our time together is also considered confidential unless you've given me permission to share your concerns with your child. 


One of the things that makes Coaching different than therapy or other counseling is the flexibility offered by the coaching process. If the plans outlined above don't feel right for your child, I am happy to discuss your circumstances with you and develop a custom plan for your family. 

Get Started Today

To begin the process, simply schedule your complimentary consultation call. We will discuss your child's situation, the coaching process and answer any questions you may have. During the call, we will schedule a time for your teen and I to talk and get to know each other. 

Once we all agree the partnership is right, you'll pay for services, sign my coaching forms, and schedule your intake session.