Coworking for the Home Office


Working from a home office has become more mainstream as people decide to become freelancers / solopreneurs, start up side hustles, or begin an at home business. While the freedom of working from your own home can be wonderful, it does come with downsides. Lack of accountability, fixed working hours, coworker meetings, and other structure provided by an office environment can leave one questioning whether they'll ever feel productive again. Many find their tendency to procrastinate increases as they continually wonder whether they are working on the "right" things. Some folks find they just can't get into the groove when they are in a space all by themselves. 

How many times have you seen people tapping away on their devices at a noisy coffee shop in a quest to get things done? While this approach may help some, many find the noise too distracting to focus on anything important. For those people expensive coworking facilities have begun to spring up all over the nation. For a few hundred dollars a month you can get access to a free standing desk in the middle of a bunch of other freestanding desks for X days per month. Sure the environment is quieter, but no one is invested in what you set out to deliver, and distractions are a plenty. Upgrades to a stand alone office are available, but is that really any different then just working from home? 

The "Coworking for the Home Office" program is designed to bolster productivity and support you in achieving your goals. 

Coaching and Accountability

This unique program offers a combination of group coaching and the opportunity to get important work done in the presence of others. Together we form a team, interested in not only our own success but the success of all. I'll be there to guide our group coaching sessions and assist with accountability. Your teammembers are there to support you and provide a sounding-board for your ideas, congratulate you on your success, and help with any struggles that may arise. 

Group Coaching


Each week begins with a group coaching session that focuses on your intent for that week. We'll discuss progress towards your goals, items that may have come up since our previous session, impending deadlines, and anything that you feel may be holding you back from accomplishing what you set out to do. You'll then formulate a plan for what you'd like to get done that week, and participate in the discussion as other team members discuss their intent. 


On Wednesday our time begins with a shorter coaching session to help you get back on track should you be struggling. 


At the end of the week we'll wrap up with group coaching session centered around evaluating the week. What went right? What went awesome? What could have been improved? Are there items that need to be pushed to the next week? Let's celebrate together and refocus should the need arise. 

Body Double Sessions

The concept of using a body double to get work done is one that has its roots in helping those with ADHD get things done. It was found that some folks with ADHD have an easier time focusing on their tasks when someone else is present. The other person doesn't need to speak in order for the body doubling to work. The effects of a body double are particularly effective for someone who is struggling with things they just don't want to do, find themselves distracted often, or are trying to accomplish tasks that take more focus than others. Through the years it has been found that one doesn't have to have ADHD in order to see the benefits of having a body double. Simply having someone nearby can make the most unpleasant of tasks more fun, or at least less dreadful. 

Adult Study Hall

Each week there is an opportunity to participate in up to 5 virtual body double sessions, commonly referred to as "Adult Study Halls". Each session consists of two 25 minute work periods and two breaks. You might bring two different tasks, or one bigger task for each session. You may even bring a whole chunk of unpleasant tasks to accomplish in the supportive environment provided by the team. For example, you may dislike sending emails and find that batching a group of them together to be sent during one "study hall" helps you sweep them off your task list. 

Additionally the time-based nature of these sessions provides gentle, but sometimes necessary pressure to stop procrastination and limit perfectionistic tendancies. 

Program Details



Intended to be completed over 12 weeks, the program includes:

  • 90 minute introductory "mixer" call to meet your fellow teammates and choose a group name
  • 60 minute coaching intake session focused on your productivity system, goals, and hopes for the program
  • 28 group coaching hours
  • 36 hours of adult study halls/body doubling
  • Access to a private channel on Slack for check-ins between sessions
  • Support via email as needed
  • One hour graduation ceremony with certificate of completion


We meet three times a week via the Zoom meeting platform.

  • The first session each week is structured to help you identify priorities, plan your time, and get started in a positive way. (1 hour group coaching + 1 hour body doubling/adult study hall)
  • The second session is a check-in to see how things are going? What success have you had? Let's celebrate! Struggles? Let's solve them together. (45 minutes of group coaching 1 hour of adult study hall)
  • The final session each week helps you wrap up those loose ends, solve the last minute problems, and begin think about the following week. (15 minute group coaching + 1 hour of body doubling + 30 minutes of group coaching)

Days & Times

There are two tracks offered, each targeted at a different audience. Track 1 is offered for those that work the standard 9-5, either for someone or for themselves. Track 2 is intended for people who are working on a "side hustle" and need support outside of "regular working hours".

We'll schedule our intake session together and our mixer and graduation as a group. 

Track 1

Monday (session 1) / Wednesday (session 2) / Friday (session 3)
       11a - 1p*                     11a - 12:458                       11a - 1p*

Track 2

Wednesday (A) / Friday (B) / Sunday (C)
    8p  10p*                                  11a - 1p*

*All times are Eastern

Holidays & Missed Sessions

Any session that falls on a holiday will be rescheduled for a different day with notice provided at least two weeks in advance. Should the holiday fall on a holiday weekend, we will decide as a group whether the session will be rescheduled. 

If you find it necessary to miss a session you may do so however no refund or credit will be provided for the missed session. You will be able to join the group coaching portion of the call by telephone, if needed. 


Regular Pricing

The cost is only $599 for all three months, billed in 3 monthly installments. In addition to everything mentioned above, you'll also have the opportunity to purchase 2 additional body double sessions per week as well as discounted 1:1 coaching. 

Starting June 3/4, 2018

For my first two teams I am offering a special price of just $299 for the entire 3 month program, that's only $99 per month! Consider this my way of saying thank you for taking a chance on a new program offering. 

Starting September 2018

The next two teams will receive the special price of just $450 for the entire 3 month program, just $150 per month!

Ready to Increase Productivity?


Apply Today!

Each group is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Once a group is filled, you'll be given the opportunity to join a waiting list. To get started, simply click the button below for the track you're interested in attending and then complete the short form. You'll then receive an email from me once I have reviewed the form so that we can set up a short introductory call to ensure you're a great fit for this program. 


Monday 11a-1p / Wednesday 11a-12:30p / Friday 11a-12:30p

Sunday 3p-5p / Tuesday 8:30p-10:00p / Friday 8:30p-10:00p

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