How much does coaching cost?

It Varies

The first question on most people's minds as they start to look for a coach is, "how much will this cost me"? The answer is, it varies depending on the number of sessions per month, length of the commitment, and prepayment. I also employ a "Pay What You Enjoy" method to offer my services to people with differing incomes. 

Basic Questions

  1. Are you willing to commit to three months of coaching?
  2. How many sessions would you like (1-4) per month?
  3. Do you want to receive a discount in return for prepayment of 3 months?
  4. Are you a member or a family member an active member of the US military?

Most Common Answers

Most people wind up in a 3x3 package, meaning 3 calls per month for 3 months. About 25% of people who choose this package prepay for 3 months, to get $100 off.

Military Discount

I offer an additional discount on the 3x3x3 coaching package for active members of the US military and their families. Contact me for details. 

More Than Just Sessions

In addition to your chosen number of sessions you receive:

  • Access via email and text, with most messages, returned within 24 hours or less
  • An allotment of "tune-up" sessions to help you in between full sessions
  • Availability by phone for those nagging questions or need a refresher on your fieldwork

Range of Rates

Productivity & Executive Function / ADHD Coaching         

My regular rates range from $150 for a 60 minute, one time "instant coaching" call all the way to $3299 for a year of coaching (36 sessions). 

More Information

Once you have an idea of how you answer the questions above, click the button below to be taken to the coaching payment page. There you can "play" with how your answers affect your rate. 

Scholarships and Pay What You Enjoy

Pay What You Enjoy rates offer those with differing means the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of coaching at a cost they can afford. Folks who pay more than my "retail" rates help those with lesser means afford coaching and allow me to keep a pro bono spot open in my practice. 

If you are in a financially abundant or difficult situation, I encourage you to click the button below. Please do so only if you genuinely cannot afford the rates posted above.

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