How much does coaching cost?

The first question on most people's minds is "how much will this cost me"? Unfortunately there is no single answer as most coaches offer a few different packages, give discounts for lump-sum payments and even offer session to session rates. I do all of this and take on community-supported scholarship clients when possible.  

Further complicating matters is that coaches generally raise rates (for new clients) as they obtain more training and achieve greater certification levels. As each coach tends to be the president and CEO of their own business you will find a wide range of prices out there. 

In practice I have found many coaches don't wish to disclose their pricing on the website and prefer to discuss rates during an introductory call. While there's nothing wrong with this approach I prefer to have the "cards on the table" before we even speak so that we can be 100% focused on you during your introductory call

As you continue reading, please keep in mind rates are subject to change over time. The rates posted are current as of December 12, 2016. If you feel you cannot afford the rates but still desire coaching please contact me. There may be a scholarship available or we may be able to negotiate a "Pay What You Enjoy" rate.  (Note: Information on "Pay What You Enjoy" is coming soon.)


Packages Include

All of the packages mentioned below come with support via e-mail, text and one-off phone calls. E-mail and Text are usually returned within 24 hours, sooner on "business days". Phone calls are intended to be a "tune-up" between sessions and are limited to 10 minutes per call. They are meant to assist with achievement of the goals you set out during individual sessions.

In general I've found clients use our "tune-up" calls sparingly however they are very focused when they schedule a call. There is a soft limit of two "tune-up" calls per month however I am flexible for times when you may be implementing many changes or facing multiple challenges. 

Spoiler alert: The yearly package is most cost effective but the 12 session package is most popular. 

3 Month Package

In talking to other coaches I have heard time and again that clients who are willing to commit to three months of coaching find more benefit than those who stop after a month or two. In fact most clients will choose to continue coaching past three months but are uncomfortable committing to more than 3 months at a time. 

With this package you receive 12 sessions via telephone, Skype or Zoom at the cost of $100 per session. Pay for all sessions in advance and you receive a 20% discount. That's equivalent to getting over 2 sessions free! If you prefer to pay in installments the fees will be broken out over 3 months. 

The idea of committing to something on a weekly basis may seem daunting and overwhelming to someone with ADHD. Therefore my "3 month package" allows you to schedule your sessions over a 4 month period. 

9 Session Commitment

This package is very similar to the 12 session package with the difference being it offers 9 sessions over a 3 month period. The cost is $100 per session and you receive a 15% discount if you to choose to pay for all sessions in advance. As before fees can be broken into 3 equal payments if preferred.

All sessions in this package are to be scheduled within a 3 month period. 

1 Month "Trial"

If you just want to try coaching before committing to a formal package, I offer a one month package of 3 sessions for $300. Payment for the month is expected in advance. After the first month you'll want to move into a "3 Month" or "9 Session" package. 

Full Year of Coaching

If I am not the only coach offering a yearly package I am certainly one of the few. While this package is not for everyone I understand some people enjoy the security and accountability of paying for a year's worth of sessions up front. Others like receiving and paying just one invoice per year for the sake of simplicity. Still others like knowing they "got the best deal". 

With this package you receive 36 sessions to be used over the course of 12 months at an up-front cost of $2500, saving you over $1000 for the year! If you are interested in this package please mention it when making your introductory call appointment. 

Month to Month/Per Session

My month to month and individual session rate is $120 per session. 


Scholarships offer those with limited means the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of coaching at a cost they can afford. The balance of each session is paid by backers of my This ADHD Life Patreon and contributions from clients and visitors to this website. 

I encourage you to join the scholarship list if you are in a financially difficult situation but please do so only if you genuinely cannot afford the rates posted above.